Your program's learning content is primarily composed of Courses. Each course you create will contain many lessons (we describe what is in a lesson just below this section). For example, our program might be about design and we might create a course titled "Interface Design". It would then have many Lessons to teach about interface design. When a student purchases access to your program (or enrolls for free) they will have access to all courses inside it by default. We usually recommend selling access to your entire program rather than selling individual courses, but you can set a course to be "sold separately" to sell it on its own if it better fits your business.

While courses are the main building block in your program structure, as you build your program and explore the options available to you, you'll learn that the power in your program extends far beyond the courses it includes.

Course Attributes

Configuring your first course is simple. Each course has a name, description, cover image, and optional difficultly label. A course can only be seen by your students if the published box is checked. While completing your lesson content you can leave the course in draft mode and it will be hidden from any students currently enrolled in your platform.

If you are a member of our Academy plan, you can create roles which will have access to a selection of courses. By adding a course to a role, you can hide it from students that are not members of that role.

By default any student enrolled in your program will have access to all of your courses. While editing a course, you can choose for it to be "sold separately". This will allow you to set a price for the course independent of any program enrollment fee or payment plan you have configured.

A course's price will be charged in the same currency as you've configured in your Edit Payment Settings page.

Make sure you always set a price above zero. If you set the course price or upsell price to $0.00, students will see a message in place of the price and purchase button that reads "Currently Unavailable". If you want to grant course access to select students we recommend using adding the course to a role and assigning that student to the role. Learn more about Roles and Permissions.

Course Upsells

We offer a great amount of flexibility in the way you choose to sell access to your program. Sometimes you'll want to sell an individual course at a price that is independent from any program enrollment payment plan. If you are selling a course separately, you can also sell the course as an upsell.

When you set your course to be sold separately and check off "is upsell", an upsell sales page for your course will be shown to students right after they complete their program enrollment. You can set a special discounted upsell price that is different from the regular course price. If the student decides to navigate away from the upsell page and continue on to the program, they will be able to return to it, but only during their initial login to your program. After a student has logged in to your program more than once, the upsell course page will no longer be available to them, though they can purchase the course at the regular price like any other course that is not an upsell.

An upsell will only be shown after enrollment if your program is set to a paid enrollment option.

Only one upsell offer can be active at a time. If you set multiple courses as upsells, only the first will be shown to the enrolling student. If you have also set a digital product as an upsell, it will take priority over the course upsell.

For more on this topic, you may want to read the Payment Settings or the Digital Products sections.

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