Checkout Settings

You can customize the look and content on the checkout pages for each product you are selling on Heights. 

You can add order bumps and upsells to increase your average order value, edit the layout of the checkout page, add a custom refund policy, testimonials and more. You can also share your checkout page directly with potential customers by copying your checkout URL.

Here is an example of a checkout page from a new student's perspective:

How to Edit the Checkout Page for a Product 

For paid products, you first need to connect a Stripe and/or PayPal account to your Heights Platform account to enable the checkout page. Learn how to connect Stripe and PayPal here:  Payment Settings

When you open a course, bundle, challenge or digital product, you will see these settings on the top:

By clicking on "Copy Checkout Link", you can copy the link for your current checkout page, to see how it looks like for new students on a different browser window.

If you wish to edit the checkout page for that particular product you are viewing, then click on "Edit Checkout".

Here you can:

  • Add custom content: A space where you can write a text paragraph and customize it with different styles. You can also add images to this section. You could use this section to write a special message to your new customers, inform them about your refund policy, describe the product they are about to buy, or anything else they should know.
  • Custom Refund Policy: Here you can write about the refund policy for this particular product. If you add a refund policy here, it will replace your ordinary refund policy for your program, and will be only applied to the product you are editing.
  • Show Testimonials: You can pick from your existing student testimonials to show them on the checkout page. To add testimonials, head to the Creator Dashboard and select "Web Pages" in the vertical menu on the left. Select "Terms & Checkout" where you can add new testimonials.

On the right side of the Checkout editing page, you will see a few Checkout Settings. Here is what you can edit:

Has Upsell: you can offer the opportunity for students to purchase another product right after enrolling in the course you are editing. 

If you decide to offer an upsell, you can choose the upsell price: this price overrides the existing price of the product you want to upsell, and will only be shown to students who go through the checkout page you are editing. 

Typically upsells are great for introducing your students to another course you are selling, potentially offering a special price to them.

Has Order Bump: you can also offer an order bump at checkout. 

The order bump is show right inside the checkout page. If you decide to offer an order bump, you can choose the order bump price: this price overrides the existing price of the product that you set as an order bump, and will only be visible to students who go through the checkout page you are editing. 

You can also add an order bump text: a short line of text to describe the product or the offer you want to sell.  

Typically order bumps are great with "impulse-buy" products, such a digital downloads or cheaper products that complement your main offering.

You can choose to hide the location field from the new student enrollment form: this removes the 'Location' field from the signup form for new students purchasing this product. 

You can also choose to collect new students' billing addresses: this requires the student to enter their billing address to complete checkout.

How New Students See the Checkout Page

To view your checkout page as your students would see it, you can either:

  • Copy the checkout page link from the product main page and paste it in a new browser
  • Head to the checkout editing page, and click on "Preview Checkout Page" at the bottom right side of the page. This will show you the checkout page displayed when customers clicks to purchase a paid course from a public landing page.

Heights Platform uses a two-step checkout, meaning that students who purchase your products will go through two quick steps before completing the checkout. 

The first step is the personal information and account creation. Here, new students provide their names and email addresses and set a password for their account. As shown in this picture:

The second step is the payment and confirmation, where students provide their credit card or PayPal details, select any optional order bumps and pay for the product. As shown in the example below:

The reason why the two-step checkout is the most beneficial for online course creators is that you get to capture the leads' personal information (including their email addresses) before they complete the purchase. So if they decide to abandon the checkout, you still get to keep their email and their information is not lost!

This means that you have the possibility to send them an email to invite them to complete their purchase, maybe asking them if they need more information or offering a discount.

Heights Platform's built-in checkout uses the two-step strategy to allow creators to capture leads and access information about potential customers who abandoned the checkout page so they can reach out to them and invite them to complete the transaction.

You can set up an automatic cart abandonment email to contact the students who did not complete the checkout. Learn how to do it here:

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