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Members of our Academy plan will have access to the Roles feature. If you aren't on our Academy plan, that's okay! Our other plans already include features that can help you segment your platform users and content! In most cases creators will never have a need for our roles feature. The roles feature is specifically for segmenting course access to disable a certain audience from viewing and is typically used by larger businesses.

Course content can be restricted to students with the help of our drip lesson feature, require unlock lesson feature, and by making the course sold separately. Course creators can also add additional admins/authors, and make students messageboard moderators. All of these things are possible on any paid plan, even without the course roles feature!

If you are a member of our Academy plan and need further segmentation to your learning content, read on:

By default students have access to all courses in your platform. If you would like to limit access to certain courses and separate students into different groups you can create custom student roles. A course can have multiple roles to allow multiple different groups of students to access it. For example you might have an introductory course that applies to all of your students, but then you might have a beginner course and an advanced course where you don't want beginners to see the advanced content and you don't want advanced students to see the beginner content. You can create any number of roles needed to segment your students into groups that work for you. 

Roles are useful when you have a private course that you only want to be visible to a small segment of your audience (such as a limited time bonus for certain members, or a custom course for a private client).

A student gets access to all courses that are not part of any role, as well as courses that are part of a role they are a member of. Any course inside a role will be hidden from the rest of your students unless they are also members of that role. 

Heights Role Edit and Creation Screen Role and Permissions Page

The Roles page is accessible from a link in your Account Settings page if you are on our Academy plan.

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