Additional Authors

If you are a member of our Pro or Academy plan, you have the ability to add authors/admins to your platform besides yourself. To make any student an admin/author, visit either the Student List or a Student's profile page and click on the edit link.

On the student edit screen, you are able to check them off as an admin/author, a messageboard moderator, or both. Every plan allows an unlimited number of messageboard moderators, but the number of additional authors/admins is based on the plan you have selected.

Any other user that is made an admin will have access to your Creator Dashboard, Lesson Editor and other creator features. They will not have access to your account settings page, your billing page, student payment settings, and they will not be able to remove your admin status.

NOTE: Do not make a user an author unless you are comfortable with them having access to student data and being able to modify your program content. It is not possible to restrict an author to only modifying certain parts of your program content.

Once you have updated your authors, you will be able to see the full authors list from Account Settings > Author List. 

Here you will access a list of all students' authors, where you can edit their author permissions. Author permissions can also be modified from the student individual settings page.

Lesson Authors

Under each lesson in your online courses, you can select an author for that lesson. Please note that this is only visual and it does not affect the editing permissions for that lessons.

The lesson author is visible for students as well and it only serves to show students who created the lesson - so changing the lesson author from the lesson editor will not affect who has permission to edit the lesson. 

To display a different lesson author, go to the lesson editor and change the lesson author as shown below:

Modify Authors Permissions

From your account settings, click on the "Author List" tab on the right-hand side. Select the author you wish to modify and click "Edit" on the far right of the author raw.

This will open a page where you can select what actions each author is allowed to do.

The publishing and deleting permissions only allow publishing and deleting for what you have selected in the "edit" permissions above. So if the author cannot edit digital products, then they won't be able to publish or delete them even if those settings are on.

By default, an author has permission to edit every course within your program. You can select specific courses if you'd like. If you do this and also give the author the ability to create products, the author will not be able to edit the course they created or add lessons to it until you also give them permission to edit that course. 

To allow an author to edit only a specific course(s), select the course you want them to edit under "Course & Challenge Access" at the bottom of the page, as shown below:

Things authors can never edit:
  • A student's email
  • Setting a manual password for a student
  • Your payment gateways
  • Your custom domain
  • Cannot see API key
  • The creator's author or admin status or permissions
  • Cannot delete the creator's account or user even if the "delete content permission" is enabled. 

Purchase additional authors

If you are currently on the Pro plan of Heights Platform and you need more authors, you can upgrade to the Academy plan or simply purchase the Authors add-on at  $11/author/month. The Basic Plan does not allow additional authors and Basic plan customers cannot purchase the extra add-on.

To purchase additional authors, from your main menu, head to your Billing Page. Under "Your Payment Info" click on "Add-on Authors" to purchase additional authors.

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