Payment Guide: Content Bundles

A bundle is a collection of courses, digital products, projects, and message boards that can be sold with one-time, installment, or subscription pricing plans.

Courses, products, projects, and message boards can be added to multiple bundles to create multiple pricing tiers.

Bundle payment plans are our newest payment feature, and are very popular for the flexibility they offer creators! Even if you felt that your business model fit well with the options provided by Paid Memberships, or Individual Courses/Products, we encourage you to learn about the additional pricing possibilities unlocked by bundle pricing plans in Heights Platform.

Does your program meet the following criteria? 

  1. You want to sell multiple courses, membership programs, or offer different packages in pricing tiers.
  2. You want to be able to include messageboards in your discussion area and projects, with a certain related course or product, and have them remain hidden from the rest of your students. 

If all you need is to charge a single fee or subscription price to access all of your programs, or this sounds more complex than what you are looking for, see the rest of our Payment Guide on Selling Paid Memberships, and Selling Individual Products.

Common Uses for Bundles:

Bundles are a great way to offer discounted access to a collection of content in your program, but there are many other uses and pricing models that can be configured using bundles:

1. Powered Up Online Courses: Sell a course package including a course, project, and private messageboard, plus potentially a bonus digital product download or coaching service. We believe the most successful online courses offer more than only the course itself. Creating a bundled package of interactive learning content like this provides more value to your students. 

2. Discounted Packages: If your messageboards and projects are public and your courses are sold separately, you could create a bundle of courses to offer discounted access to customers that purchase all of your courses at once. 

3. Tiered Pricing Plans: Courses can be added to any number of bundles allowing you to create multiple pricing plans for each of your courses. For instance, you might sell the course on its own as the base tier, then have a bundle that includes the course, an extra private message board, and digital product download as a bonus. Finally, you might offer a bundle as a third-tier that includes everything in the previous bundle, plus an additional digital product that is a one-on-one coaching service.

4. Multiple Subscription Plans: While you can create a subscription membership program using the paid enrollment option, bundles allow you to create multiple subscription membership plans inside one Heights Platform account. 

5. Pay What You Want: By putting a product inside a bundle, you can choose to charge a "pay-what-you-want" fee, meaning that your students will decide how much to pay for the product. Learn more about this here:

The above are just a few examples of what you could accomplish with a bundle. The flexibility of bundles combined with our other payment features allows creators to sell content in almost any way they can imagine!

Using bundles to sell tiered subscriptions or multiple subscription packages means you might have students with more than one active subscription. Learn about Managing Student Bundle Subscriptions.

Bundle Attributes and Settings

A bundle can have any number of courses, digital products, projects, or discussion message boards added to it. The content inside a bundle can be added to multiple bundles, as well as optionally sold on its own. 

You can create a new bundle from your Creator Dashboard, after clicking on "New Product" --> "Bundles" --> "Create Bundle"

Or, by clicking on "New Product" --> "Bundle"

Each bundle you create has a title, description, optional thumbnail, and cover image. In your bundle settings on the right side of the edit view, you have the ability to enable a public landing page, change the text on the purchase button, redirect the purchase button URL to an external checkout, and set a launch date to optionally presell your bundle to your audience while you complete your program content.  

Like paid membership enrollment, you can choose any combination of one-time, installment plan, or subscription plan payment options to offer your students. The bundle will become visible on your course list after it is published. It will also appear as a card on your main program landing page or have its own landing page enabled. 

With the bundle you are creating, you can choose to show an Upsell page for another product in your program. To do this, click on "edit checkout". Learn more about this: Checkout Settings

Adding Content to Bundles After Publishing

Bundles with a free course that are purchased by a student will ensure that the course included in the bundle continues to be accessible to the student, even if you later change that course to paid. 

If you add a paid course to a bundle after the fact, the course will only be available to future purchasers of the bundle. 

Projects and messageboards added to a bundle after purchase will be available to all customers whether they purchased the bundle before those were added or not. 

Sorting Bundles

After you have created more than one bundle, you can change the order in which they appear in your course list, by going to the "reorder bundles" page, which you can find next to the create bundle button on the Bundle Payment Plan tab of your Payment Settings page. 

Like courses and lessons in your climb outline, simply drag and drop bundles to automatically update the sequence they will appear in for your students. 

Deleting Bundles

When you delete a bundle, students who have purchased it will no longer have access to its contents, and any message boards or projects included in the bundle may become visible to all of your students, unless they are part of another bundle. 

Deleting a bundle does not delete the contents of a bundle, only the bundle itself is deleted. 

Note: Deleting a bundle will not cancel any active subscription or installment plans that students have as a result of purchasing the bundle. You will need to go into your Stripe account and cancel any active subscriptions related to the bundle you plan on deleting. 

Bundle Welcome Emails

Unlike other email notification templates, each bundle can have its own unique welcome email sent to students upon purchase. To enable and adjust the welcome email for a particular bundle, view the bundle and click the "Welcome Email" button at the top left in your admin options bar. 

A welcome email for each bundle will only be sent if you check off "Send Welcome Email on Enrollment", at the bottom of the bundle welcome email edit page. 

How to Create a Bundle

To create a bundle, follow these steps: 
  1. Go to your sidebar menu and hover over the "New Product" option. When you hover over you will see the "Bundles" option. 
  2. Once in Bundles, you will see the option to "Create Bundle". 
  3. Add the information of your bundle like title, description, thumbnail and cover image. 
  4. Decide in "Bundle Settings" to enable your landing page or to have a hidden bundle. 
  5. Once you scroll down, you will see the "Bundle Contents" option. Here you will see checkboxes where you can mark which courses/digital products/projects/channels you would like to add to your bundle.
  6. Finally, select your bundle pricing. You can select more than one option. 
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