Managing Student Bundle Subscriptions

You can offer a number of subscription and installment plans through Bundle Payment Plans. Students can be subscribed to multiple bundles, and a paid membership enrollment subscription/installment plan at the same time. This provides creators with flexibility in structuring their program payment plans. 

You can use Bundles to provide a tiered pricing module where different bundles come with different levels of content, or you could have a model where multiple bundles offer their own subscriptions for completely separate pieces of content. 

Students can view their current subscriptions from the "Edit Profile" link, accessible from the dropdown menu at the top right of your program. 

Failed Student Subscription Payments

If you have a student that has failed subscription payments and you would like to understand how to best handle collection of payment or allow for updating of a student's card details, please see the following article on Failed Subscription Payments.

Canceling Bundle Subscriptions

Canceling All Subscriptions

If a student wants to cancel their subscriptions, they can delete their account. Doing so will cancel all active subscriptions for the student. If you have disabled student's ability to delete their account on their own in your Account Settings, then you will need to manually cancel any of their subscriptions when you delete their account. If you delete the student on your own it will not delete their subscriptions, as some creators need a way to ensure they are able to cleanly remove all details of a student from third-party services before the student is deleted. 

Canceling One of Many Subscriptions

If a student has multiple subscriptions through bundles and wants to cancel one subscription, but retain others, they can go to their "edit profile" page from the dropdown menu at the top right of your program. They will see a list of current subscriptions and will be able to cancel any subscription that is not an installment plan. This will automatically revoke the student's access from the subscription content in Heights as well. 

You can also cancel a subscription from within your Stripe account for a student that is contacting you to request to cancel. A student's access to the canceled subscription bundle will automatically be revoked in Heights after you cancel the subscription from within your Stripe account. 

Revoking access to a bundle will automatically revoke access to all of the contents in the bundle (meaning access will be revoked from any courses, digital products, message boards, or projects that were included in the bundle subscription). 

If you do not want to delete the student, then you can cancel the subscription from within your Stripe account, by searching the student's email, finding their active subscription and canceling it from there. If you choose to cancel it at the end of the period, then they will not be billed, if you choose to cancel it immediately, they may be refunded for the portion of time not used (Depending on your settings in Stripe). Either way you can go into the payments for that customer in Stripe and refund any payments if necessary.

If you do not want the student to be able to signup to your program again in the future, then you can deactivate the student instead. If you do this you must cancel their subscription via Stripe as deactivating in Heights will not affect any active subscriptions. 

For more information see the following articles: 

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