Granting and Revoking Content Access

As a creator, you have the ability to grant or revoke access to courses and digital products for each of your students, as well as grant roles to students to make certain courses visible to them. 

You can revoke access to products purchased by your students, and you can grant free access to products that would otherwise require payment. 

 To grant or revoke access to content, click "edit" next to a student's name in your admin student list, or click "edit profile" on the right side of a student's profile, then navigate to the "Content Access" tab:  

The left side of the content access page displays all of the courses that are currently visible to the student (courses inside a role the student doesn't have will be hidden to the student). This column also shows a student's progress through each of the courses they have access to, and which courses are paid and purchased, or haven't been purchased by the student yet. If a course says "not purchased" on the left side column, then you will need to grant access to that course, or the student will have to purchase it in order to access its lessons. 

Granting course access is intended for courses which you have set to "sold separately". Courses that are not "sold separately" are available to all students by default. Students will have access to these courses even if you do not explicitly grant them access. If a course is hidden by a role, it will not be visible to the student even though you have granted them access, unless that student is also a member of that role. 

Granting Bundles

Granting a bundle to a student will automatically grant all of the contents inside the bundle (courses, digital products, projects, and messageboards). If you wish later revoke a specific course or product from the student you can do so, and the student will still maintain access to the rest of the bundle. Revoking access to the bundle itself will also revoke access to all of the bundle's contents. Keep in mind this could create situations where a student would lose access to a course or product that they had initially purchased outside of the bundle (ie: if a student purchases an individual course or product included in a bundle, and then later decides to purchase the full bundle). 

Granting Hidden Courses or Digital Products

Just like purchasing hidden courses or digital products, granting hidden content to a student will make it immediately visible to them. 

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