Using Launch Date to Presell Courses and Bundles

The Launch Date feature allows you to set a date that your course or bundle content releases. If you leave this set to today's date or any day in the past it means that when a student purchases your course, they will be able to access it immediately. 

If you wish to presell your course before you complete all of your lesson content, or have a set release date that all purchasers get initial access to your course on, then you can set the launch date to any day in the future, and customers will be able to purchase the course, but its lessons will not be available until the launch date (even though they have purchased the course). 

Presell Your Course

Why selling before your finish your course or program can be a great option:

  1. It helps you validate your course idea.
  2. It helps you validate your marketing
  3. You can better understand the questions and problems that your potential students may have.

This allows you to spend your time on the right actions, the right content, and double down on the right marketing strategies. Not only is this better for you, it is better for your students as well because they end up with a program that fully answers all of their questions.

How the Launch Date Setting Affects Content in Bundles

If you have a situation where your student already owns a course or product outside of a bundle, and then later decides to purchase a bundle that includes this content, but where the bundle is not released yet, the student will still have access to their course and product, since they originally purchased them outside of the bundle. 

Course and product pages can be viewed when they are part of a purchased bundle that has a launch date in the future. The lessons in the course and the download content of the product will not become available until the launch date arrives. 

Projects and messageboards that are part of a purchased bundle with a launch date in the future will remain completely hidden until the launch date. 

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