Students won't be able to see your creator dashboard, editor, or other admin sections, but lessons and courses will appear the same to them as they do to you.

View all of your Students on the Student List. As a creator, you can view analytics on student activity and performance by visiting their profile, viewing their answers, their project posts, and their discussion comments.

You can allow students to enroll in your program for free, or charge them a fee to join. A Student account can also be converted to an additional author/admin on our Pro plan or above (See Additional Authors).

Popular Articles About Managing Students:

Manually Creating & Enrolling Students as an Admin

When viewing your Student List you will notice a button in the top right corner to create a new student. By providing a name and email you can create and enroll a new student in your program. Once created this student will be enrolled in your program (even if your program would normally require paid enrollment). This new student will also be sent a welcome email with a generated password and login information.

This is a great way to add students to your platform if you are accepting payments outside of Heights Platform from certain students (via bank transfer for example).

Managing Students Who Haven't Finished Enrollment

If a new learner fills out the first registration step on your student registration page but does not complete the second payment step, they will have an account, but will not be able to access your program content until they've paid.

You can find these incomplete enrollments in your student list and can tell who they are because the "Enrolled?" column will show an "X" instead of a checkmark. You will want to follow up with these students to make sure you answer any questions needed so that they can complete the enrollment process and pay for access to your program.

If you need to close down enrollment for any reason, see Account Settings Help.

Showing Student's IP Address

If you hover over any lesson views on the right side of a student’s profile, you will see their IP address. 

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