Importing Students via Zapier and Google Sheets

The best way to import a large number of students would be through our Zapier integration with Google Sheets. You can supply a spreadsheet with all of your students that have their name and email in different columns, and then connect it to our enrollment action in Zapier which will allow you to import those students and optionally enroll them in a specific course.

Learn how to set up Zapier

Here is a quick demo video of the import setup with Google Sheets:

We strongly recommend testing this with one or two test emails of your own before you go ahead with the full, real import. 

When you go ahead with the real import, we would recommend doing 100 or so first, making sure the import worked (the time Zapier takes to trigger might vary based on your Zapier plan, and it may take a minute for our system to create and save all the imported students). Then when all is successful, you can move on to import a few hundred at once (as they are pasted into the spreadsheet they will be imported so start with an empty spreadsheet).

Students will be enrolled in your program (meaning they won't need to pay if you setup a paid enrollment for membership in the future), if you have a course that you are selling individually which you would like these students to also get access to, you can select this when setting up the zap as shown in the video above.

When a student is enrolled in this way they will be sent an email with login information automatically with a generated password. 

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