Canceling a Student's Subscription and Access

To cancel a student's subscription to your program, you must delete a student in your Heights Platform account. See: Deactivating or Deleting Students (A student can also delete their own account if they wish). 

If you do not want to delete the student, then you can cancel the subscription from within your Stripe account, by searching the student's email, finding their active subscription, and canceling it from there. If you choose to cancel it at the end of the period, then they will not be billed, if you choose to cancel it immediately, they may be refunded for the portion of time not used. Either way, you can go into the payments for that customer in Stripe and refund any payments if necessary.

If you do not want the student to be able to signup for your program again in the future, then you can deactivate the student instead. If you do this you must cancel their subscription via Stripe as deactivating in Heights will not affect any active subscriptions. 

For more information see the following articles: 

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