Deactivating or Deleting Students

If a student wishes to delete their account, they can do this by logging in and clicking "edit profile" from the top right dropdown.

If you need to disable access for a student, deactivating is usually a better option than deleting the student because this way you will be able to better keep a record of these students, but if you need, you can delete the student as well. 

To delete or disable a student, click "edit" next to a student's name in your admin student list, or click "edit profile" on the right side of a student's profile, then navigate to the "Deactivate" tab: 

If you want to revoke access of a specific course from a student, but still allow them to have access to other content, see our article on granting and revoking access

Creators can also disable a student’s ability to delete their own account from their Account Settings if they want to offer a manual account cancelation option (useful for certain creators who need to make sure they clear out student data from a variety of places).

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