Assisting Students with Login and Password Issues

For supporting students that are having trouble logging in, we recommend sending them a message similar to the following: 


You can login to your account at your subdomain URL here:

Your login email is: [STUDENT'S EMAIL]

For security we are unable to see your password, but if you need you can reset it via the forgot password link on the login page above.

If you believe a password reset email is not reaching your student, and if you trust the student is who they say they are, you can manually set a new password for your student to ensure they can get immediate access. When you find the student in your student list, click "edit" next to their name and then scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see a change password button:


After you update the student's password, you'll want to email them to let them know (Heights doesn't automatically notify them of this change). You might also want to let them know that they can go ahead and change their password after logging in on their "Edit Profile" page (accessible from the dropdown menu at the top right).

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