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Heights Platform allows you to sell downloadable digital products as supplements to your program.

Why Digital Products? The Digital Product feature lets you sell supplements and add-ons to your program membership, allowing you to further monetize your teaching content, and includes features to help you manage and track everything you need for these kinds of purchases (download tracking built-in as described below). While you could potentially use this feature to sell a product that would physically ship to a customer, Heights isn't built to replace physical product e-commerce platforms (we don't collect shipping addresses or provide shipment tracking).

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Creator/Admin view of a Digital Product. Digital Product analytics displayed at the top of the page.

Examples of Products You Might Sell with Your Program

  • Downloadable Project Files - For example, if you are teaching a course on photography, you might sell a download of some of your photography filter presets.
  • Additional Learning Materials - PDFs, Presentation Slides, or add-on downloadable material that supplements your courses.
  • Coaching/Consulting Packages - You could sell an add-on personal consulting session available for purchase for those of your students who want more personalized help.
  • Online or In-Person Events - Similar to the consulting package, you could sell access to a private online meeting or even a live event.
  • Other Services - You can use digital products to sell other services that you offer. 

Digital Products are visible to students under the courses and projects lists in the left sidebar. Only products that are marked "active for sale" will be visible to students. A product's price will be charged in the same currency as you've configured in your Edit Payment Settings page. You can optionally add a "Sale" label on the product to indicate a discount, by checking off the "is product on sale?" box.

There might be certain situations where you want to allow your students to purchase a product multiple times. For example, products that are sold as a license or as consulting time might have customers purchase the same product multiple times. You can enable this feature by checking off the "allow multiple purchases" checkbox on the right side of the product edit page. While a student will gain access to the product after their first purchase, they will have the option to purchase again if they desire.

Offering Products as Upsells

Products can be offered as upsells during the program enrollment process if you check the "has upsell" box on the right side of the product edit page. When you select this option, students who enroll will be directed to your product page directly after their enrollment completes. You can set a special discounted upsell price for the product here if you wish. If the student decides to navigate away from the upsell page and continue on to the program, they will be able to return to it, but only during their initial login to your program. After a student has logged in to your program more than once, the upsell product page will no longer be available to them, though they can purchase the product at the regular price like any other product that is not an upsell.

An upsell will only be shown after enrollment if your program is set to a paid enrollment option. 

Only one product upsell can be active at a time. If you set multiple products as upsells, only the first will be shown to the enrolling student. If you have also set a course as an upsell, any digital product set as an upsell will take priority over it.

Granting Products For Free

As the creator you have the ability to grant a Digital Product to any student at no cost to them. When viewing a student's profile page, click on the 'Edit Student Details' link on the right side. Here you will be able to select a product to grant to the student. If they already have the product, you can grant them an additional license by giving them the same product again.

When making a digital product active for sale, make sure you always set a price above zero. If you set the product price or upsell price to $0.00, students will see a message in place of the price and purchase button that reads "Currently Unavailable". If you want to grant product access we recommend using the option described above to grant access to certain students. See the Granting and Revoking Content Access article for more info.

If you would like to grant free access to every single student, then we recommend creating a download type lesson inside a free course instead.

Product Analytics

At the top of each product page admin users are able to see the product stats. This is broken down into views, orders, conversion rate, and downloads. Below we'll cover how you can see more granular data for these metrics.

Tracking Sales

Students can purchase a Digital Product with just two clicks/taps if they have already supplied payment information to join your program.

Any digital product orders you receive will appear in your invoices list accessible from the Creator Dashboard. You will be sent an email whenever you receive a new product order, and your student will receive a receipt via email.

In addition to viewing the sales for a product, you can also see how many views the product has received. A view is counted any time a student views the product page (views from the creator or other admin users are not recorded). You can also view an individual student's profile to see a combination of recent product and lesson views if you'd like to get a better idea of if a specific student has seen a product.

Tracking Downloads

A student will be able to access any downloaded content associated with your Digital Product as soon as they complete their purchase. You can see how many times a student has downloaded a product and from what IP address they downloaded it from. (We allow you to check download IP addresses because many downloads from many IP addresses could mean your student is sharing their login, or their account was compromised.)

When you upload a file to include in your Digital Product, its downloads are protected. Downloads are only possible by those logged into your program and who have purchased access. There is no public download URL available, so students cannot buy your product and share the download link with other students.

While we take many steps like these to prevent piracy, you'll want to always be aware of the potential for bad actors.

Typically if you decide to offer refunds for digital products, you might decide to offer a no-questions-asked refund only for products that were purchased but never downloaded by the student.

Embedding HTML in Product Purchase Reveal Content

The contents of the "purchase reveal content" field on your product edit view are displayed to customers who have purchased or been granted the product. If your product is a download, this message displays underneath the download area and can be a simple thank you a message or additional instructions for the buyer about how they can redeem their purchase. 

You can also insert HTML content in this field and it will be rendered on the page for your student. For example, if you are selling a coaching service through your digital product, you might add a Calendly embed code so that the purchaser is able to schedule a time for coaching with you after they purchase. 

Above is an example of purchase reveal content with an embedded Calendly meeting form

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