Hidden Courses

If you check off "hidden course" when editing your course, the course will not be visible on the sidebar or course list when a student is signed into your program unless the course was purchased or granted to the student. 

If you enable landing page checkout, the course/product can be purchased by those who know the landing page URL. Alternatively, if the product or course is part of a bundle, it can be purchased through the bundle as well.

Popular Reasons for Hiding Courses:

  1. You have a course that you wish to offer to a different segment of your audience without it being readily visible to your primary audience of students who have enrolled in your program. This course would be visible and purchasable only on its public course landing page.
  2. You want to sell courses exclusively through a bundle, without advertising them individually. (You might want to set the course prices to $0 which will force them to display as "unavailable" to the student, making them only purchasable through the bundle.)
  3. You have many courses in your account, which are sold in different bundles, where it is unlikely that the student will purchase all of them. You want the student to only see the courses in the sidebar and course list that they already own, instead of cluttering their view with a display of every single published course. 

  4. As seen below, the Product List tab on your Payment Settings page will help you see at a glance which of your courses or digital products are currently set to hidden:

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