Coupon Codes

You can create Coupon Codes from within your payment settings area to provide discounted or free access to your program. When you want to enroll students for free even though your program has a fee, you can create a Coupon Code with a price of 0 to allow them to signup without being charged. When the Coupon Code's price is set to 0 we will still collect the student's payment information in your Stripe account, but no charge or payment authorization will be made.

When you have created a Coupon Code, students will see an "Enrollment Code" field as part of the checkout form where Coupon Codes may be entered. If you do not create any Coupon Codes, the "Enrollment Code" field will be hidden during student enrollment.

Coupon Codes can be used in conjunction with either Stripe or Paypal one-time enrollment payments, digital products, and courses sold separately.

Restrictions for Coupons:

You can restrict coupons by a start and end date, and a redemption limit. 

The redemption limit is the amount of times a coupon can be redeemed across all students. 

Every coupon has a start date of when it becomes active. If you would like to have a coupon also expire after a certain date, then choose the "set end date" check box to set an expiration date. 

NOTE: Coupon Codes will only work to provide a discount for one-time payment plans. Coupon Codes cannot be applied to installment or subscription type payment plans.

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