Creating Coupon Code URLs for Easy Redemption

You can add a coupon code into your landing page checkout URL to have it automatically apply for your student when the URL is visited. This can be done by taking any of the landing checkout URLs for bundles, courses, or digital products. This feature allows creators to easily send a discount or free enrollment link to a customer for any course, bundle, or digital product! No need to explain to your student to type in a specific coupon code before completing checkout.

How to Create Your Coupon Code URL

1. Find the checkout URL of the product you want to discount from your "Product List" tab in your payment settings and click "Copy Checkout URL": 

2. Take the coupon code you wish to use, and then add it to the end of your checkout URL by adding  ?code= to the end of the URL followed by your coupon code. For example: ?code=mycouponcode.

3. The coupon you add in the URL will automatically apply when the student visits the page. If the student is not signed in or does not have an account they can create one on this page, if they are signed in, they will go right to the payment step of the checkout. At the payment step of the checkout, students will see the coupon automatically applied without having to know it or type it in. 

Here's how this will look (note the URL with the coupon code added): 

One More Example of How to Construct a Coupon Code URL:

You would take a checkout URL, like this bundle: (this is an example, not a real URL)

And then add the code to it:


Then, for example, you would visit this URL as a new student: (this is an example, not a real URL)

This feature is considered a "beta" feature for now because URLs must be manually be constructed by creators. In the near future, we plan to include a click to copy option to allow you to automatically copy a specific coupon URL without having to construct it yourself. 

Placing Restrictions or Limits on Your Coupon Code URL

Your coupon code URL is valid as long as the coupon is. So if you don't have a redemption limit or expiration date on your coupon, the URL will work for everyone indefinitely. Similarly, if you set your coupon to have a redemption limit of 10, then the URL will only apply the coupon for the first 10 people. Anyone after that will still be able to visit your checkout URL, but they will see a message that the coupon is invalid, and it will not be applied. 

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