Selling Enrollment Membership Versus Selling Individual Courses

There are three primary approaches you can take to selling your knowledge in Heights Platform. 

1. Selling membership access to a complete program with one or more courses included, and with optional add-ons and upsells that your students can purchase.

2. Selling courses all individually and potentially offering a selection of courses for free. 

3. Selling bundles of content in addition to individual products.

Learn about how to configure these payment options in our Payment Guide articles:

Selling Program Enrollment/Membership

To sell membership access you would set your enrollment to a paid plan in your Payment Settings. All courses would then be included in this membership purchase by default. If you want to sell any courses as add-ons or upsells in addition to your membership, you can edit the course and check off "sold separately". When you configure a paid enrollment plan, students will not be able to access any of your content until they purchase membership access. You can set any combination of one-time, installment, or subscription payment plans to charge for enrollment. 

While this is the simplest payment option to set up, it is also the least flexible. For more flexibility, we recommend reading the sections on bundles and selling individual courses below.

Checkout for selling program membership with paid enrollment

Selling Courses Individually

If you plan to have all of your courses sold individually rather than selling program enrollment or membership, then you'll want to make your enrollment "free" in your payment settings. Learn how to do that here:

This will allow students to signup for free and browse what you have for purchase, as well as allow them to engage in any free courses you have available. 

To set the individual price of each online course, select the product you wish to edit and go to the Course Settings. You can do this from the right side of your course edit page: 

Students can either register for your program and then purchase a course, or they can purchase a course directly from your course landing page when you check "allow purchase from landing page" as an option on your course (shown in the screenshot above). 

Public landing checkout page for an individually sold course

Selling Content Bundles

A bundle is a pricing plan that contains one or more courses, digital products, projects, and message boards. Bundles can be sold for a one-time, installment plan, or subscription plan price. Content sold inside a bundle can also be offered individually (as described above), or even sold in multiple different bundles (if you wanted to create a tiered pricing model, for example. Ex: Bronze Bundle, Silver Bundle, Gold Bundle, with different amounts of content included).

Bundle checkout works the same as the individual course checkout flow described above. A bundle can be sold as an add-on to a paid program enrollment membership as well. While configuring a bundle adds one extra step in your setup process, it will provide you with the most flexibility down the road.

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