Enroll Students from an External Checkout

Our API and Zapier integration provide an enroll action which you can use to create and enroll students in your platform. This allows you to use a third-party checkout, shopping cart, or payment solution and create and enroll your customer in your program after their purchase is successful. This makes it easy to accept payment outside of Heights and still automatically grant courses and products to your students. 

You might want to use this action if you wish to use a payment gateway other than Stripe or Paypal, or if you already have a sales and checkout process in another website or service that you sell other products through and you wish to continue using alongside Heights Platform. A few examples that can be used are:  Shopify, Clickfunnels, Quaderno, WooCommerce, Ontraport, Thrivecart, Sendowl, Samcart, and others.

Our enroll action needs to be supplied with an email and the full name of the student who you wish to enroll. If the email you supply is an existing user, their details will be updated and they will be enrolled. After the action completes a welcome email is sent to your student with their login details for accessing your program (new students have secure password generated and emailed to them).

You can also supply the ID of a paid course that you are selling separately to grant this student access to the course. This will allow you to sell courses individually via third-party checkouts. You can find the ID of your course on the bottom right of your course's edit page.

Learn how to setup Zapier with Heights Platform

Here is a quick demo video of the import setup with Google Sheets (though the process for setup with any third-party checkout is the same): https://share.getcloudapp.com/nOumxzOL

Note: If you plan to enroll students only via an external source, and you do not want to have students enroll directly in Heights Platform at all, then you should disable program enrollment in your account settings. 
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