Opening or Closing Enrollment to Your Program

There are times when you might need to close enrollment to your program and stop allowing new students in. You might want to do this because you've reached the capacity of how many students you wish to accept at a time, or because you just finished a launch period and now want to close enrollment. You can disable enrollment to your entire program at any time in your Account Settings

On the account settings page, click on " Edit Account Settings" and scroll down the page until you see "Enable Program Enrollment?" and uncheck it to disable enrollment.

Remember to scroll down the page and click on " Update Account Settings" in order to save your changes.

You will see a banner on your Creator Dashboard letting you know that your program enrollment is disabled. Simply go back to your account settings to re-enable it when you are ready. 

If you wish to hold multiple launches for specific products, and hold a presale for future launch dates without closing your enrollment down completely, see our guide on using launch dates and expiration dates to presell your content.

Limit Access Time to Expire Access for Your Course/Product

You can also limit the timeframe in which a student has access to your online course (i.e. access for one year). This is calculated in combination with the launch date to set an  expiration date for that specific student. 

For example, if your launch date is January 1st 2022 and you set student access to expire after 1 year, students will lose access on January 1st 2023, even if they pre-purchased the course before the launch on November 2021.

To configure how many days of access your learners will have, select the course, click on "Edit", on the bottom-right side of the page you will see "Course Settings" as shown in the picture below. Under "Expire Access After" select the number of days you wish to allow access for (ie: 365 if you want your students to have access for one year after the launch date or date of purchase [whichever is later]).

If you do this, you can see how much access time each student has left for your online course under the Content Access tab when editing student details.

To access the Content Access tab, go to your student list or a student's profile, select the student you wish and then click "Edit Student Details". Next click on "Content Access" on the horizontal tab menu. Here you will see which courses, digital products, and bundles the student has access to, their progress and how many days of access they have left. 

If a student's access to a product expires, they will be able to repurchase it to gain access again. 

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