Projects are a way of showing that students can put the content you've taught them to use in a real-world setting. We believe this approach is much more beneficial to both the student and teacher than a traditional quiz or test. It is recommended that you have at least one Project in your Program.

What should my Project be for?

A Project should be a task where the student demonstrates achieving the goal of your program or course. Let's say your program is about teaching people to build their first app. Your Project might then be titled, 'Create Your First App', where students would submit their work.

Heights Platform Project Screen

Project Page with Project Posts by Students

Project Posts

Students can submit a Project Post in each project that you create. Since a Project is meant to put knowledge learned in your program to use, by default a student will not be able to submit a Project Post of their own until they have completed all the Lessons in your Program. All students are able to view, vote and comment on Project Posts even if they have not yet completed all Courses. 

You can customize the unlock point for each project and configure posting to unlock after completion of a specific course in your program. This way you can ensure students can make a post after completing a specific course, rather than all the courses in your program. 

You can also add attachments to your project to provide extra resources and guidance to students completing the project. Students can also upload an attachment as the answer to the project. Here are the size limits for the attachments:

  • Student Project Posts: Up to 5 files or zip folders, up to 50MB
  • Projects: Up to 10 files or zip folders, up to 1GB

Heights automatically scans uploaded files for viruses in order to help protect you and your learners.

The screenshot of the climb outline below shows a project with a customized unlock point. That example project will become available for students to post in, after they complete all 5 lessons in the "Acquiring Your First Client" course. 

When any student or teacher votes up a Project Post, the post will receive 15 points and the student's points will increase by 15 as well. This mechanic helps motivate students to make an impact with their posts.

As a creator, you can interact with your student's Project Posts by commenting on them and providing feedback. The ability to comment and vote on new Project Posts gives your program alumni another reason to stick around besides your discussion forums.

If you wish to completely hide a project from students unless they only own the associated course, you can do so by adding the project and course to a Bundle Payment Plan.

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