Modules are an optional way to segment and separate groups of lessons within a course. A course can contain multiple modules, and each module can contain multiple lessons. What is unique about our modules feature is that using modules is completely optional! If your course has under 10 lessons, then likely you will want to put them directly in your course, instead of being forced to add them into a module first. When you have a larger course (let's say 30 lessons+), modules can help you visually separate groups of related lessons into chapters, sections, or topics.

As you build your course and add lessons to it, you can decide at any time whether you want to use modules or not. Maybe your course will start off small, but as it grows, you can add modules to better group your content.

To create a module, go to your Climb Outline, and hover over a lesson you've created that you wish to add to a module. You will see a plus button appears to the left of that lesson. Clicking this button will bring up the create module window and will add the lesson you highlighted to the module when it is created. To add additional lessons to your new module, simply drag and drop them from your lesson list into the module.

Video Walkthrough - How to Use Modules In Your Courses

Video walkthrough of how modules work inside Heights Platform

Publishing and Drip Release

Module Publishing

Just like courses and lessons, modules you create will default to being in draft mode and will be hidden until published. You can edit a module by hovering over its name and clicking the "edit" link. When a module is in draft mode, all lessons inside the module will be hidden until the module is published.

Module Drip Release Day

When creating or editing a module, you also have the ability to set a release day. Just like release days on lessons, the release day feature allows you to drip your course content to students at the pace you choose. For example, if you enter the number 7 as the module release day, the module's lessons will become available to students 7 days after they join your program. You can use this feature to help guide students through your program more slowly and keep fresh new content coming to them based on their individual signup time.

Module release day and lesson release day can be combined if you want, but take note that a module's release day always takes priority over a lesson's release day. For example: If we set our lesson release day to 2 and this lesson is inside a module that has a release day of 7, the lesson's release day will have no effect. This is because even though the lesson becomes available, its parent module is not yet available so it doesn't make a difference. Alternatively, you can set a release day on a lesson in your module that is longer than the release day of your module, then the lesson will release after the release of other lessons in that module without a release day. This is helpful for example if you want to release a module every week, but then have the last lesson in that module release towards the end of that week after the rest of the module.

Your students will be able to see the module and lesson release days in the program sidebar, or on the course page itself, but they will not be able to view the full lesson until it has released.

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