Product Categories

Each product can be added to multiple categories to better organize them and allow students to filter which products are displayed.

To create a category, head to your Creator Dashboard, and then, from the vertical menu on the left side of your screen, select "New Product" and then "Product Categories".

Here you can create one or more categories to organize your products. Click on "New Category" and simply type in a title to create a category.

Once you have created your categories, you can add them to your product (bundles, courses, challenges, digital products). To do this, open the product to which you want to assign the category. 

Go to the product editor and scroll down until you see the "Categories" section, where you can select between one of the calories you have created. You can assign any number of categories to a product on the product's edit screen. Once you are done, click on "Update product".

This will allow students to sort products by category. 

To check if it works, from the "Courses" view in your account, you can use the categories dropdown to view only the products with a specific category, as shown below:

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