Export Student Data

With Heights Platform, you can easily export students' data into a CSV file. You can decide to export your complete list of students or only the ones enrolled in a specific course or bundle.

You can use the CSV file for many different purposes. A popular use would be to import student data into external software such as email automation software so that you can send emails to your students depending on which courses they have enrolled in. It is not possible to export a course.

Download Your Complete Student List

From the creator dashboard, select Student List on the left-side menu bar. Here you will see a list of all students enrolled in your program.

To download a CSV file with your students' data, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on " Export All Students as CSV", as shown in the picture below.

This will generate a CSV file with your students' data, including name, email, location and activities.

Download Students Enrolled in a Course or Bundle

If you want to create a CSV file including the data of selected students only enrolled in a specific course, click on the course you wish to retrieve the data from.

Once you are on the course page, select "Reports" on the right-hand side of the screen.

Near Student Progress, click on the " Export Students as CSV" button, to generate a CSV file with data of students enrolled in that specific course.

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