Discussion Forums

Before allowing your students to post in a discussion forum it is important to understand a few quick concepts about forums work in Heights.

If you have moderated forums on the internet in the past, our system is similar in many ways. Topics can be stickied to the top of a messageboard, they can be locked to close a discussion and individual posts can be moderated and edited.

By default, new students are pending moderation, and new posts and topics inherit their moderation state from the student that created it. When you approve a new student's post, all of their later posts will be approved automatically.

Additionally, students always see their own posts regardless of the moderation state. For blocked students, this means they might not realize they have been blocked right away. Blocked students cannot send private messages.

Should you not have a need for, or wish to launch your program faster without worrying about learning the discussion area, you can disable the discussion area from your Account Settings page.

Discussions Structure:

Content in your discussions section is organized in the following way: 

Messageboard Group (optional) > Messageboards > Topics > Posts

Only admins can create a messageboard or messageboard group. Students can post topics inside a messageboard and can reply to topics with posts. 

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