Learn the Web Page Builder in 5 Minutes

This is a quick explanation of how the Web Page Builder works in the Heights Platform. For the full detailed guide, head over to this article: Web Page Builder Guide

Step 1: Create a New Page

Head over to Web Pages in your Heights account. Click on + New Page and follow the three-step process. (Add a title, select a Theme and start editing).

Step 2: Edit the Page

You can start editing a new page from a pre-built template. 

For beginners:

The easiest option is to simply edit the content (text images) without changing the page's structure. Click on the areas you want to edit and add your own content. For images, double-click on them and upload your own, or choose from the Unsplash library.

For advanced:

You can add new blocks to the page to really make it your own. Drag and drop the blocks from the right-side menu and customize them. Apply classes to the elements to quickly edit multiple blocks simultaneously. Use padding to position your element within their block. 

Step 3: Set Up the Site Menu

You site menu (navigation bar and footer) is an area across all pages of your website which shows links to direct visitors to different pages. From the editor, you can only adjust the fonts and color of the menus. To add and edit the links, exit the editor and head over to the "Navigation" tab. Refer to this article to learn more: Web Pages Site Menu

Step 4: Edit Page Settings & Publish

To publish the page, hover over it from the Web Pages list and click on the settings icon. Here you can set a page title, meta description and page URL (as it will appear on search engines). Once you are ready, click on "Publish," and your page will be live!

Step 5: Build New Pages

To create a full website, you might want to build additional pages with the same style as the page you have just created. To do this, hover over the page from the Web Pages list and click on the duplicate icon. This will create a copy of your page that you can customize according to your needs. Repeat the same process and publish.

You can also decide to create a brand new page with a different style from the ones you have created. To do this, simply create a new page (as in step 1).

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