Landing Home Page - [Basic Plan]

Our landing page editor allows you to create a simple one page website to promote your program. We intentionally keep options for editing your landing page sparse and simple so that you don't need to spend time learning a new system, adjusting HTML, or checking different themes. We want to ensure your time is spent focusing on improving your program for your students rather than tinkering with web page settings.

Landing pages have a title, subtitle, background image, main content section, author bio, course display, and testimonial section. We also offer support for your connecting to your Google Analytics account to measure visitor analytics, and Facebook Ads tracking.

Want to learn about setting up separate landing pages for each of your courses/products/bundles? See this article for individual course landing pages.

Heights Platform Landing Page Generator Example landing page using the default Heights green color theme

The color theme of your landing page will automatically match the color theme that you selected in your account settings for the rest of your program. You can find the link to Edit Your Landing Page on the left sidebar of your Creator Dashboard.

Landing Page Modules

By default your landing page will display the following optional sections: course cards for all of your published courses, a course curriculum showing a list of included published lessons, and an about the author section.

  • The author bio field optionally supports HTML tags should you wish to add specific formatting (we recommend to keep things simple and use the content editor above for the majority of your formatted text/images).
  • The course curriculum shows all published lessons in each published course. If the lesson has a lesson objective set, it will be expandable for visitors to view the objective.
  • The course card section displays a course card for every published course as you would see on your "All Courses" page.

On the right side of the Edit Your Landing Page view you can find checkboxes to optionally disable these modules should you wish to hide them.


You can add testimonials to the bottom of your landing page from the edit view. Testimonials will display in the order they are created, and will automatically appear on your landing page after creation.

Setting Landing Page as Your Program Homepage

By default when new visitors go to your program subdomain or custom domain they will be brought to the login page. This way you don't have to use our landing page if you don't want to. The landing page is always accessible at or your custom domain /landing. If you want to make the landing page the default home page for your program, you can enable this option on your Account Settings page.

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