Heights Platform connects with tools commonly used by course creators to help automate your workflow. We also connect with Zapier for thousands of integration possibilities with popular apps.

To add a new integration, head over to the " Account" area in the menu from your Creator Dashboard and select the Integrations Tab:

Here you will see a list of integrations supported by Heights Platform:


Create contacts and trigger automations to personalize marketing. Learn how to connect Heighs with activacampaign here: ActiveCampaign integration

Facebook Ads

Add your facebook pixel and track conversions from student enrollments. Learn how to connect the Facebook Pixel here: Facebook Pixel

This integration will allow you to track purchase conversions for your products sold through Heights.

Heights Platform will track "Pageview" events on your public landing pages. Pageviews will not be tracked on logged-in pages in the Heights app.

Heights Platform also automatically sends "purchase conversion" events to Facebook for any of your products that are purchased. The "Purchase" event sent to Facebook will include the amount, currency, and name of the product that your student purchased.

Google Analytics

Connect your Google Analytics account and track activity across your program. This integration will allow you to track views of your public landing pages, blog, and web pages created in Heights with Google Analytics.

Note that this integration is for Google Analytics 4. Make sure you use the newer Google tag that looks like: 'G-XXXXXXXXXX', not the old universal analytics tag that looks like: 'UA-7XXXXXXX-1'

If you wish to track logged-in page views as well, you can add the full google analytics tracking script to your "program logged-in scripts" section of the Custom Code area.


Search for millions of free images to include in your lesson content or web pages.


Connect your Stripe account to receive student payments directly from over 100 countries. Heights does not charge any additional transaction fees. Stripe is quick to setup and does not charge any monthly fees like most payment processors, only a small per transaction fee.

  • You will need to create and maintain your Stripe account if you do not have one already.
  • You’ll need to handle chargebacks and all customer service issues. We do not have control of or responsibility for your customer's payments.

Learn more about connecting Stripe in the Payment Settings.


Collect payments and offer PayPal Credit financing. Your PayPal account must be a PayPal Business account in order to receive payments. If you have a personal account, you can easily convert it to a business account.

Learn more about connecting PayPal in the Payment Settings.

ReCaptcha v3

Add an extra layer of security to your enrollment forms. While we already provide enterprise Cloudflare protection to all our creators for free, you can enable ReCaptcha to further secure the student signup forms on your site.

You can enable this from the integration page, and it will use the v3 version of ReCaptcha that automatically assesses the nature of a user, without asking them to solve puzzles or provide any verification.

If enabled, the only thing students will see is the ReCaptcha logo on their signup, login and purchase page.


Upload course and landing page content direct from your Dropbox.

Google Drive

Upload course and landing page content from your Google Drive account.


Connect your Instagram account to upload photos for your course and landing page content.


Mentor and student profile images use Gravatar. (You can always upload a profile image of your choice directly to Heights as well.)

Wistia, YouTube, Vimeo & 1900+ Sites and Publishers

Easily embed content from 1900+ providers using only the URL, videos, podcasts, social media posts, quizzes, maps, and more.

Third-Party Multimedia Embedding

Embed a Google Form or Typeform, a spreadsheet from Airtable, learning content from Storyline, and more inside your lessons. 

Plus, easily add custom code to your program to be able to custom the design of your program and courses, add chat widgets, custom analytics providers, and almost anything else you can imagine!

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