Facebook Pixel

You can add your Facebook Pixel code from the Integrations Page in your account. 

Creator Dashboard > Integrations > Facebook Ads

Uner the "Facebook Ads" section, click on "Install" and then paste the code in the new window.

Make sure you paste the full pixel code provided by Facebook here, not only the pixel id. This integration automatically tracks purchase conversions and conversion amounts with your Facebook pixel. If you want to integrate additional tracking or scripts, see the custom code section below and the custom code article. 

Other than pasting the full pixel code in account settings, no other adjustments are necessary. Heights Platform automatically sets the pixel up for you.

Find more information on how to connect the Facebook Pixel here: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/facebook-pixel/get-started/

How to create your Facebook Pixel: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/952192354843755?id=1205376682832142

Facebook now requires that domains are verified in order to track events for your site. This means you must use a Custom Domain for your Heights account in order to track pixel data. We recommend the TXT record verification method. Only your top-level domain needs to be verified. If you are using a subdomain on your custom domain it is not necessary to verify that after your domain itself has been verified. 

Please note that Heights Platform will track " Pageview" events on your public landing pages. Pageviews will not be tracked on logged-in pages in the Heights app. Heights Platform also automatically sends "purchase conversion" events to Facebook for any of your products that are purchased. The "Purchase" event sent to Facebook will include the amount, currency, and name of the product that your student purchased. 

You can use this data to run ad campaigns optimized for purchase conversions. Purchase conversions are sent to Facebook for purchases from public landing pages and from internal purchases by logged-in students. 

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