Custom Domains

On our Pro plan or above, you can configure your platform to be located at a domain of your choosing. This will replace the default

How to Setup Your Custom Domain

After purchasing a domain name from the registrar of your choice, login to your domain registrar and edit the DNS settings as follows:

Domain Registrar DNS Settings Example Create a CNAME that points to You will likely also want to set a 301 redirect so visitors to the non-www version of your site will be forwarded to the www version or vice-versa.

This process will be the same for most popular domain name registrars ie: Google Domains, Namecheap, GoDaddy, etc. (If you are using Cloudflare, please see the next section below for slightly different instructions.)

  1. Create a CNAME that points to If there is an existing CNAME record for www, adjust it to Please notice there is no need to setup a subdomain in your Cpanel. You will only need to create a single CNAME in your DNS records. 
  2. After you have made this change, make sure that you tell your Heights Platform account the domain you would like to use by typing it into the custom domain field of your account settings. It is important to type the domain in the same way that you have configured your CNAME. For example, if your CNAME is configured for www then type when inputting your custom domain. If your CNAME is for a subdomain other than www, for example, "courses", then type when inputting your custom domain. (Also see: Using a subdomain for your custom domain)
  3. You will want to set up a permanent 301 redirect for your domain inside your domain account so that students are always directed to the correct version of your domain and can visit your platform. Usually, this means redirecting the non-www version to always change to www. This is an important step for any website and if you skip it then students may not be able to access your platform.
  4. After adding the CNAME and saving your custom domain in your account settings, try visiting your domain after a few minutes to see if it displays your Heights Platform account. This process usually takes only a few minutes, but it can sometimes take up to 24 hours for DNS changes to propagate across the internet. is a good service to check your domain's current propagation status.
  5. The first time you visit your custom domain, we will check it and automatically provision a free secure certificate with Let's Encrypt for your domain so that your domain can be served over HTTPS, providing security for you and your students. We'll automatically manage renewals for you. (If you receive a 502 error when visiting your new custom domain, please ensure that you do not have an SSL certificate enabled from your registrar or DNS provider. Since we already offer a certificate for your website, duplicate certificates will conflict with each other.) If you see your program landing or login page when navigating to your custom domain, you are all set!

If you are unsure how to navigate and adjust your domain's DNS settings we recommend contacting your domain registrar's support. They will be able to help you take care of this process.

When using Cloudflare with a custom domain on Heights you have two options for domain setup: 

1. If you'd like to use Cloudflare's SSL and enable Cloudflare's protection features, you can instead point your CNAME to "" (replacing "yoursubdomain" with the actual subdomain for your Heights Platform account). After doing this make sure you have Cloudflare's flexible SSL enabled, and that you have activated the orange cloud next to the DNS record.

2. If you want to use Heights Platform's SSL certificate that is included with your account, then you will need to click the orange cloud icon next to the record on Cloudflare to make the record bypass Cloudflare's services and use DNS only. Your CNAME should then point to "" to get our SSL as described in the instructions above. 

You can either choose to use Cloudflare's SSL or Heights Platform's SSL certificate, but you cannot use both as this will cause a conflict in your browser when trying to visit your account. Only point your CNAME to your subdomain when you plan to use a third-party SSL certificate. Otherwise, you must point it to "" to ensure that SSL is active. Without a valid SSL certificate, it will not be possible to collect payments from your students and your site's users will not be secure.

Haven't linked your custom domain to your account yet? Add a custom domain via your Account Settings page. Want to change the subdomain of your Heights Platform account? Please contact us!

NOTE: You may not be able to access your program via your custom domain, and we may not be able to generate an SSL certificate for your domain if these steps are not followed correctly. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about domain setup!

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