Web Page Settings

When you are ready to publish your page, save your changes and then exit the editor. From the page list, click on page settings icon by hovering over the page, as shown below:

Here you can edit the page setting and publish your page. Before publishing, make sure to fill out the page title, URL and meta description to help your web page SEO.

Here is what you can edit:

  • Page Name: this is just for your reference and will not appear on search engines
  • Page URL: the URL for your web page is set based on the name of your page upon creation. You can adjust it anytime, but note that old page links you've posted online may no longer work.
  • Page Title: this is the name of the page as it will appear on search engines, so make sure to insert a clear name as you want your website visitor to see it
  • Meta Description: a description of the web page that will appear in search engine results. The recommended length of the meta description is 160 characters or less. 

Once you have set all of this, you can click on the "Published" button at the end of the page to publish your page. 

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