Assignment Answers

Assignment lessons are a type of online course lesson you can create. Assignment lessons include a section at the end of the lesson where you can ask students to complete a certain task, or ask them a question.

You can also choose to allow students to upload a file with their answers. To do this, in the lesson editor, set the lesson to "assignment" (pen icon) and click "Allow student file upload?", as shown below:

This is what the student will see at the bottom of the lesson with the assignment:

Students can upload 1 file or zip folder up to 100MB. Heights automatically scans uploaded files for viruses in order to help protect you and your learners.

You can view student assignment answers for any individual lesson by clicking the "View Answers" button shown in the screenshot above, or you can view answers for all of the assignments that you created on the "Student Answers" tab of your student list, accessible from your creator dashboard. Assignment answers are private between you and your learners. If you want students to be able to share with each other, check out the Projects feature. 

Here you can provide private feedback to your students by sending them a Private Message

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