How to Add a PDF to Your Lesson

There are two ways that you can add a PDF to a lesson. First, If you want to display this PDF in the lesson player area so your students can read it inside the lesson itself, choose the video type lesson and click the PDF file icon where you'll be able to upload a PDF file as an alternative to a video. Second, if you want the students to download this PDF as a file to view on their own computer, you can use the download type lesson. 

The area to select your lesson type and upload lesson attachments can be found at the bottom left of a lesson once it is open in your lesson editor.

Note that when adding a PDF file to be read in the lesson itself, it will still be possible for a student to optionally download that PDF if they would like. If you'd rather students not download this PDF, our support team can help you with a custom code snippet that may make that downloading harder. Please note that any PDFs displayed on the internet can be downloaded by those who really want to. In general, we recommend allowing the download option as some of your students may prefer to save the PDF to another device that they own or even print the PDF out for easier reference.

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