Adding Anchor Links in Lessons

If you have a very long lesson, you may wish to link to certain sections of your lesson to help your students navigate easier. 

You can accomplish this by adding internal anchor links. In the example below, we have 3 sections in our lesson, and at the top of the lesson, we want to add 3 links to each of the sections so the student does not need to scroll to find it. 

To create a link first, we will select the section link text at the top and click the "link" button in the editor. Then we will create a link anchor with a hashtag "#" in front of it as the link (don't add http://). In the below example we've made our anchor "#myanchor". Next, we clear out the target field which previously listed "_blank" to open the link on a blank page. Finally, we can click "OK" and set our link. 

Next we need to create the element in our lesson that the link can navigate to. In the above screenshot we made an anchor link for "Final Section" with an anchor of "#myanchor". Now we want to create the header for this section to make that link work. To do this, place your cursor where you would like to add the header of your section and then click the "embed" button in your lesson editor toolbar. Here we will have to enter a bit of HTML. We are going to name this "Final Section" to match the link above, and we need to create a header element with an ID that matches the anchor we created when setting up our link. 

We enter the following code and then click "insert content": 

<h1 id="myanchor">Final Section</h1>

Finally, save your lesson and then view it to see the end result. You can now click the link "Final Section" at the top, to be brought to the "Final Section" in your lesson. 

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