Creating Lessons with Multiple Types

To create a consistent experience for your students and ensure they know what to expect when navigating your course, each lesson can have a single video player, audio player, pdf, download, or assignment added to it. You can combine these options however if you wish to create a lesson that contains multiple types of media.

You can add multiple media types by changing your lesson type and adding different attachments for each type before saving. For example, if you have a video lesson which you change to "audio" and then upload an audio file to, or you change to "download" and you upload an attachment to, then you can switch the type back to "video" before saving, your lesson will have an audio player and download area appear simultaneously below the video player. We offer this option in case you would like to have a video lesson with a separate audio track or related download underneath (potentially followed by a transcript added in the lesson text), so that your students can choose how they want to consume your content.

In addition to these options, remember that you can also embed HTML in your lesson by using the "embed" button in your lesson editor toolbar. 

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