Heights offers creators a built-in certificate designer on all plans. Certificates can be manually or automatically issued to your learners. 

To issue a certificate, you first have to create a design for a certificate template. From the creator dashboard, go to the "Awards" link, and select the Certificates tab.

Here you will see all the certificates that you already created and saved (example below). If this is your first time creating a certificate, you will no see any certificates here.

To create a new certificate, click on "+ New Certificate Template". You will be redirected to the design setting where you can customize the appearance of your certificate.

To switch the base template of your certificate, click on the tab "Themes" as shown below, and pick the design you want:

Once you have chosen the design you prefer, switch back to the "Design" Tab to customize the colors and fonts of your certificate.

In the "Design" Tab, you can also decide on the settings for your certificate. By default a certificate will only be generated when you manually grant it to the student. If you'd like to automatically issue a certificate upon the completion of a specific course, select the course or product from the dropdown at the end of the page.

Once a certificate is created, you can always come back and edit its design and settings.

Here is what a student will see once a certificate is granted to them:

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