Disabling Badges and Points

You can disable badges or points features from your Account Settings

Disabling Badges

When badges are disabled students will not receive any of the built-in system badges, and will not see badges on student profiles. You will still be able to grant custom badges to your student with this option disabled, but the badges will only to the student appear one time when earned, and will not be visible on their profile if this setting is disabled.

If you want to use custom badges that you have created, but do not want any of the built-in system badges to be automatically awarded to your students, disabling badges provides a workaround to allow you to grant only custom badges to students.

Disabling Points

Disabling points will no longer show the student their point total. This setting will not affect any existing point totals and it will not stop points from accruing if you have lessons set to award points. You can enable or disable points at any time in your program. If you wish to start off without points, and then enable the feature later, you can do so seamlessly and students in your program will see the point feature enabled right away. 

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