Badges and Points

By default badges and points are enabled in your program. You can choose to give a different amount of points upon completion of each of your lessons. Students can also receive points for votes on their Project Posts.

There are two types of badges inside Heights. The first are System Badges. System badges are the default built in badge set that will be automatically granted when the student meets a certain condition inside your platform (ie: completing their first lesson, earning 100 points, etc).

Badge and Custom Badge List

The second type of badge is called Custom Badges. These are badges that you as the creator can create with your own custom badge imagery. Custom Badges are manually granted to students from the Badge List page, accessible from your Creator Dashboard. We provide a selection of pre-made custom badges which you can edit the name and description for, and if you would like to create your own badge image with a similar style, you can download our custom badge template: Download Custom Badge PSD Template

To grant a custom badge to a student, simply click on the badge in your badge list, and on that badge's detail page, select the student to grant the badge to. After granting, your student will receive an achievement notification popup the next time they are online.

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