Image Sizes and Resolutions Inside Heights

In general, there is no need to worry about the exact size of the image you upload as Heights will automatically process and optimize the images you upload into the optimal size. For certain types of images that have an exact recommended ratio or minimum size, you can reference the label text above the upload area or hover over the question mark icon next to the upload area to see the recommended size. 

Course, Challenge, and Bundle Cover Image Size

We recommend an image of 2400px x 800px for best quality. 

Digital Product Cover Image Size

We recommend at least 2000px wide. Landscape orientation images work best. 

Lesson Image Size

Lesson images can be any size, but we recommend images that are 1200px wide or greater for best quality. Note that very tall aspect ratios are not recommended as they may be resized to a lower quality.

Lesson Thumbnail Size

This optional thumbnail image will appear on the clickable lesson card in the lesson list on your course pages. 16:9 ratio at a minimum of 280px wide recommended.

Account Program Logo Image Size

We recommend a transparent PNG at 232px x 92px. Larger images will be resized to fit. For best quality, ensure the width of your image is at least 232px. 

Website Favicon

We recommended PNG at 192px x 192px or larger. While the favicon itself is small, we will use larger versions as app icons and in other areas of your branding.   

Bundle Thumbnail Size

An optional bundle thumbnail image at 600px x 344px for best quality and exact fit. Unlike other product types, bundles do not use the cover image when their smaller card view is displayed. The bundle thumbnail image is used on the card view instead. 

Profile Picture Avatar Image Size

This can be edited from the "edit profile" dropdown at the top right of your screen. We recommend using a square image with a size of about 512px by 512px.

Lesson Video File Size and Resolution

Our size limit per video is 2.5gb (any length is fine if it fits in that size). For the combination of best quality and file size we recommend uploading at our maximum quality size of 1080p with a bitrate of 8mbps. If you have a very long video, then 720p and 5mbps bitrate should help you to upload it and fit within the file size limit.

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