On the left sidebar of your Creator Dashboard, you can find a link to Create Announcements. An announcement is a notice that will appear for your students at the top of their courses page. You can use announcements to post notice of new courses/lessons that you've added, to link to a live webinar, or to announce details for in-person training or event. Every announcement has a start date and end date.

Create an announcement from the left side menu of your creator dashboard.

The announcement will only be visible on the courses page during the period between its start and end date. The announcement type option simply displays a different icon for your announcement (Calendar icon for Date/Event, Exclamation icon for Notice, and Star icon for Celebration).

How an announcement appears to students on their courses page when they log in.

You can choose to send an announcement as an email to all of your students. To do this, select "Send as Email" at the bottom of the page.

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