Add Comments to Your Blog Posts with Disqus

You can enable comments under each blog post you publish to your Blog on Heights using Disqus.

Disqus is a tool that enables comments under blog posts and helps you moderate and filter out spam. Integrating Disqus with your Blog on Heights Platform takes about 5 minutes. 

How To Connect Disqus with Heights Platform

1. Register Your Site with Disqus

In order to add this plug-in to your blog, first you will need to head over to to register your website:

If you do not have an account yet, make sure to create one. During the registration, you will pick a "shortname" for your site, which is how Disqus identifies your website community in their system.

Enter the "shortname" under "website name" as shown below.

Once you've filled out all the fields, click on "create site".

2. Copy Disqus Embed Code

This will redirect you to the installation page (as shown in the picture below), where you should select "universal code" in order to paste the embed code into your Heights blog.

By clicking on "universal code", Disqus will generate a unique embed code for your site. Copy the code and head over to your Heights Platform account.

3. Paste Embed Code Into Your Heights Blog Post Template

From your Creator Dashboard, click on "Web Pages" on the left side menu, and then "Page Templates" in the row of tabs on the right-hand side of the screen. Select the "Blog Post Details" template and paste the Disqus code in the HTML box as shown below

! !  Make sure you are pasting the Disqus embed code at the bottom of the text, after the{% endif %}sign, but before the  </article>  sign in order to have the comment feed appear at the bottom of each blog post.

Once you are done, remember to click on the "Update Page Template" button at the end of the page in order to save your changes. 

Now you are all set! You should be able to see the comment section under each blog post now (you may have to refresh the page).

For more detailed information about Disqus, check out their guide:

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