AI Lesson Review

Heights AI can review the content of your course lessons. It can read the text in your lessons, and also watch the videos you upload and offer recommendations!

When analyzing your lesson content, the AI also takes into consideration the topic of your whole course.

It then offers recommendations on what to add to your lesson and what can be improved or better explained, generates a few questions that your students might have, and adds some action items for your students to complete that you can easily add to your lesson!

To use the AI lesson review, open the lesson you want to review inside of your course, from the lesson editor. Then click on the "AI" button located on the toolbar over the text of your lesson.

This will open a modal window where you can ask the AI Lesson Review to review the content of your lesson.

Click on "review lesson" for the AI to start working. Please note that all lesson videos uploaded from February 27th, 2024, and onward can be watched by Heights AI.

Videos uploaded to Heights earlier than February 27th, 2024, cannot be watched as part of a review. If you have an older lesson you would like reviewed, simply re-upload the video to your lesson and Heights AI will be able to watch it!

Also, Heights AI can only review the videos you upload using Heights Platform video hosting: it cannot access video content from links on embedded videos. 

At the top of the AI Lesson Review modal window, you will see if the AI successfully managed to review your content, both text and video, as it will show a green tick, as shown below:

After you click on "review lesson," the AI will generate recommendations on what to improve. You will get:

  • Recommendation summary: a summary of how to improve the lesson based on the content of your whole course.
  • Areas to improve: More specific actions are needed to improve the content of your lesson.
  • Questions to answers: potential questions that your students might have going through the lesson, which might be helpful to answer in the text of your lesson.
  • Action items for students: We found that it's really helpful to add one or more action items for your students inside the lessons, and we realized that many creators wanted a way not only to do this easier but to highlight those action items in style different from the rest of their lesson text. The AI generates action items based on the video and text content in your lesson, and you can simply click to insert the items that you like in the lesson text! And, of course, you can edit and make changes to the action items however you please.

You can add the action items to your lesson by clicking "Add to Lesson", and they will appear in the lesson text, already styled to stand out from the rest of the copy.

You can edit the text in the action items and make it your own.

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